56 hours, SERIOUSLY?…Time is NOT an excuse anymore!

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Social media has eliminated the excuse of time.


Time has probably been the most popular excuse used to date.


Whether it is working on a business plan, fitting in a gym session, cooking a healthy meal, or working on a relationship, time will be an element that comes up OFTEN!


But here is my theory….


If you have time to be on social media or use entertainment channels like Netflix, Amazon prime or Apple TV, you have time to achieve whatever other goal you may be wanting to achieve.


  • earning more money
  • starting a passion project
  • losing weight
  • Having more connected & loving relationship
  • healthier eating habits
  • spending time outdoors

….you name it, they require time which can be exchanged for the time we spend on our phones or infront of a Flatscreen.


56 hours - time is not an excuse

Yes, there may be a small % of people who are not on social media or who don’t have screens in their homes, but I can promise you this, they don’t have a time problem.


This was a BIG excuse when I was still in the fitness industry and people would come to me to chat about wanting to start, or maybe they had started but they weren’t seeing results, and TIME would be a factor that would ALWAYS come up.


From reports & studies (here’s an interesting one), the data shows that ON AVERAGE, the “average” person spends 2.5hours PER DAY on social media…so let’s just do the maths for 2 hours a day (I’m being nice here).


  • That is 56hrs PER MONTH,
  • Which is 672 hours per year…
  • Which 28 days PER YEAR (that’s 28 FULL days i.e 24hrs) spent on social media.


Not going to lie, the 56hours a month got me.


All I could think of was how much further I could be….even if I just halved that time!


And yes, I consider myself in that average, I am NOT in denial and the quickest way to change is to accept where you are, and then move forward!

56 hours - time is not an excuse

OK, but it gets worse!!!


Now….just to ADD to that number (this is going to make many of you want to vomit), the average person spends 2.5 – 4 hours PER DAY watching television (read more here).


So, to be generous, (and this is me just trying to make sure you don’t start hyperventilating when you read these numbers), your total amount of time in front of screens per day is 4hrs a day…


1344 hours per year infront of a screen for ENTERTAINMENT (we are not talking about work here), which is 56 FULL days in a year.


15% of your year is spent infront of a screen being “entertained”.


(the actual minimum average number is 70 days a year FYI).


56 hours - time is not an excuse

So, my goal this year is to change the amount of TIME I spend on entertainment!


If I think of the RULE OF 100, where it states that if you spend 18min a day working on something you want to be good at or something you want to make progress in to achieve, 18min every day for a year equates to just over 100 hours. If you can commit to those 18min a day you will be ahead of 95% of people who are wanting to achieve the same thing.


But if you compare the numbers, one can understand why!


If the the average time spent on social is 672 hours PER YEAR (NOT including Television time), and to make significant progress in an area of your life requires 100 hours a year….it’s not hard to see where we could be going wrong.


100 hours is just 1/6th of the time spent on social media.



And social media is a CHOICE of free will.


So if you are choosing to spend your time on social media INSTEAD of on things that will really make your life incredible (like being fit & healthy or being your own boss & financially independent), then that is on you.


Ask youself…

How badly do you want to change your life?


WHY are you willing to sacrifice 15% of your time on entertainment but you are not willing to sacrifice the same amount of time on your goals?


No one is saying, you can’t watch your favourite series or follow your favourite social profiles…just asking how much is that time costing you in the end if it’s not managaged?


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