Jody Calitz, dare to live limitless

Hello there, to the beautiful person reading this!

My name is Jody, & I’m here to remind you that you DESERVE to have the life you are dreaming of!

Before I even get started, I just want to say, I am one of those ladies who is going to say it as it is! What you see is what you get & I want to help build & transform the world for women in business.

I wasn’t always doing what I do today… I started out in the health & fitness industry & I did it for 20 years!

It’s there where I started my journey, because it’s THERE where I started at the real bottom.

No connections

No funding

No experience (I was young)

No resources or assets to work from.

No support group.

I was on my own.


dare to live limitless, jody calitz

SO, I used what I had….my time. I saved up every last penny I had to buy extra data so that I could learn through videos, download free tutorials & eventually save up enough to participate in business courses.

I promise you, when there is a WILL, there is ALWAYS a WAY!!!

Everything I know today, I have taught myself.

It’s about CHOOSING what you want in life & then going for it as if you can’t lose!

dare to live limitless, jody calitz

Where I am now….

Probably sipping coffee in front of my laptop working on my business & dream.

The reality is, I haven’t reached my “ideal” place yet but having said that, I believe we never actually get there because it is a constant journey of growing, developing & evolving in lifeg.

It’s about finding something you are CRAZY passionate about, something that sets your soul on fire, & something that allows you to sharing your purpose & gift with the world.


When you find your purpose & do something you love, every day becomes a joy, EVEN DURING THE CHALLENGING MOMENTS (because trust me, there are many). Building & creating something meaningful in this world will feed your soul every day!


Star sign?

Aries, through and through….my hair gives it away.

Flip-flops, trainers, or heels?


favourite book?

Mind Power – John Kehoe 

Most memorable experience?

My life has had many beautiful memories, walking with elephants is pretty much up there!

If you could be anything, what would you be?

Wildlife vet. 

Your favourite drink?

Hot would be coffee & cold is sparkling wine.

Your favourite food?

I am plant-based so anything & everything fresh & colourful… HOWEVER, I make a KICK-ASS veggie pizza!

Craziest job you have ever done?

I did Belly Dancing & French Can-Can for private parties (it was all above board, legit)

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Somewhere in the Karoo, in nature… I’m not a city girl.

Proud moment?

Competing in Las Vegas at the WBFF World event and placed 6th in the Pro line-up.

about jody calitz

What do you do in your free time?

Beach, drawing, or my other “jobs” (I told you, I hustle to make things happen 😉 This is me in one of those “jobs”, pet caring. His name is Olaf & he’s a sweetheart!

Biggest regret in life?

Regret is a terrible thing to have & in hindsight we would all choose differently, but for me, I wish I’d LOVED in myself sooner (I’m making up for it now though 😉

What was your turning point to make you decide to do what you are doing today?

I developed severe social anxiety & it got so bad that it debilitated me. Life will give you opportunities to change & if you don’t listen, it will force you…basically, it gave me no other choice.

happiness is….

Knowing you have nothing to fear. All the answers you are seeking, are within you… you only need to believe in your infinite capabilities, because they are INFINITE.

about jody calitz

I describe myself as an introvert who believes it’s not worth sacrificing your dream, for the stability of a 9 – 5…


I believe success (in any area of your life) starts with self-love and self-worth & I believe the more we can support & uplift each other, the more we can all succeed.


I believe happiness is a choice that you have the power to create in every moment ….& every moment is worth celebrating.


Life is short, and it should be lived full out! I want to help other women reach that same level of freedom within their business and life!