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Solopreneur blog


This is going to be your GO-TO page as you venture into the world of Solopreneurship (a.k.a you are on your own…). I share my little nuggets of wisdom & experience (maaaaaaaany trials & errors you’ll read about) that will hopefully help you become better at what you do, gain confidence & help you grow to be your best!

health & body blog


Succes, wealth, money, vacations, shoes, handbags….all of it is worthless if you don’t have your health. I share my own personal choices, methods & routines when it comes to ensuring my health is on point & my body is looking & feeling her best! HEALTH IS WEALTH!

success & wealth


Life doesn’t happen in iscolated pockets…everything is effected by everything else. I share my personal journeys in love & relationships (not just with others but myself as well) that will hopefully inspire you, give you courage & remind you that you are worthy just as you are!

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