10 week step-by-step program

Helping ambitious brave women plan, build & launch their very own online business so that they can start creating the freedom, future & life they love.

this is for you if


Have you ever had this dream idea for a business, or a really cool vision to expand your business online… but… with the amount of stuff & options out there, it made you want to cry???

The following dilemmas might sound familiar…
  • Must I have a funnel system or just an e-commerce store?

  • Do I need a landing page, 1 page website or is it a full website?….wait are they all the same thing?

  • I forgot about list building & email campaigns….oh, and how must my social media fit into all of this?

  • Should I be starting a Youtube channel, podcast, vlog, or blog……or all of the above?


  • What about social media advertising, Instagram launching, Facebook live training, & highly effective free content creation?

  • Oh ya, & someone mentioned the words ‘analytics and SEO’, is that a Norweigian translation for… WHERE THE ********* DO I START?!?!
In case you are wondering, my hand is up WAY high waving around like mad.
Been there, done that SO often!

There have been times where I would just be sobbing in front of my little Toshiba laptop, at a complete loss as to what to do & where to start….

The only thing that kept me going was that I just KNEW I could make my dreams come true, REGARDLESS of what anyone said….something inside of me just didn’t want to quit!

I kept telling myself “If they can do it, so can I!”

SO take a nice deep breath my darling… that is EXACTLY WHY I created this course so that all the confusion, overwhelm & pressure can be relieved for you!


♦ Tired of putting in hours (days, months, years) of working for someone else to build THEIR DREAM instead of YOURS!


♦ Dreaming of being your own boss, having financial freedom & having FULL control of your life and how it unfolds.


Hesitating to start anything out of fear of wasting more time & finances on a “tactic” or “gimmick” that really doesn’t show you any results, instead, just more costs & more *#$%@ translations.


♦ Feeling completely overwhelmed and confused as to where to start, what to do & want exact steps to take first.


You are holding back out of lack of confidence & INFORMATION OVERLOAD….

Then you are in the right place!



55% of women second-guess their decision to start a business?!?

This is for your if:

♦ You want to create financial freedom & a stable income through your OWN business.


♦ You want to gain clarity & confidence in what you are doing, to ensure you build your dream business & future.


♦ You want to STOP STALLING & go for that dream instead of having years pass you by.


♦ You want to support other small female-run businesses by gaining more financial freedom of your own.


♦ You want to live your life with PURPOSE because you are doing, creating & BEING what you love.

Then you are definately in the right place!



60% of the largest female-owned businesses started from scratch.

If you are thinking…

“Jody, what’s different about this, compared to anything else out there?”

Good question and I am going to break it down for you so that there’s no confusion.


Business Freedom Faculty

The FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR FACULTY is a STEP-BY-STEP BUSINESS COURSE that helps bring your vision & dream business to life online (no advance jargon or hidden costs)


I HAVE REMOVED ALL THE OVERWHELM, CONFUSION, INFO-OVERLOAD & ANXIETY that often comes with the tricks, gimmicks, shortcuts or manipulation tactics out there. I don’t b*** s*** you with “quick money”… this is a SOLID STRUCTURAL SUCCESS SET-UP.


It INCLUDES how to CREATE AN EFFECTIVE, EYE-CATCHING & FUNCTIONAL WEBSITE THAT CONNECTS WITH YOUR IDEAL CLIENT so that you can start using it immediately to sell your products or services.


You only add advanced elements to your online business when you need it (at the right time) ….YOU DO NOT PAY FOR THINGS TOU WON’T USE, especially in the beginning!


I teach FREE MARKETING SKILLS….you only transition to paid marketing when you are ready.


YOUR DREAM BUSINESS CAN COME TO LIFE IN 10WEEKS!!!… AND you can transition your side hustle, into a full time successful business in 12 months or less (depends on the work you put in)!!!!


ARE YOU NERVOUS OF FAILURE? Don’t be! When you apply yourself in this course, you WILL succeed!


You are given LIFETIME ACCESS to the material! When you become part of the Business Freedom Faculty you are a member for life!


NO MEMBERSHIP FEE! Yup, you pay once for the course & it is yours for life (including updates)!

Hey, I'm Jody Calitz

The redheaded, self-taught CEO of her own life & I want to teach you how to create your own complete BUSINESS FREEDOM, just like I have!

If I can do it, so can you!

Sounds great, but what is the cost?

I wanted to build a course that was accessible to every woman who has a dream to build her own business…without having to mortgage her house!

For South African residence…here is the ZAR comparison (*dependent on exchange rate fluctuation).

♦ 10-week training course

♦ 10 extensive “easy to follow” Modules with PDF & video training Tutorials 

♦ ALL the essentials to build, launch & grow your very own business from anywhere (website building, marketing, social media, list building & more).

♦ 4 LIVE group Q&A sessions

♦ x1 60min coaching session with me in week 9 (module 9)

♦ Lifetime access to the course…..this means whenever there is an update or BONUS added to the course, YOU GET IT AS WELL!

“While my end goal has changed completely, the journey has led me to a much bigger picture & I am forever thankful that I took THAT moment to invest in myself as a person ….and where I was so lost, where I wanted to go with my life, I have finally found the direction I want to be in.


My advice is, you may go in with (a mindset of) “this is what I want to do”, but keep an open mind because you will probably find yourself on a completely new, fantastic & empowered journey. So I just want to say thanks, Jody, you have changed my life, onwards and upwards”

Verushka Van Jaarsveld

Senior GIS Technician at Aspire Solutions Pty Ltd

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could build my own website….. the best investment I’ve made in myself”

Instagram: @fitc_nutrition

Claudia Kahn

Nutrition Specialist, Fit C Nutrition

“This has given me complete freedom, to make changes at any time…and has saved me a lot  of time & money”

Instagram: @earth_rebel_fermentary

Diane Kocsis

Creator of the brand, Earth Rebel Fermentary

“I urge anybody who is going through a challenge, feeling stuck or wanting a new adventure to take on this project with Jody”

Instagram: @chantell_waterson

Chantell Waterson

Personal Trainer & Nutritionist , Chantell Waterson

female entrepreneur

The total value of the course is LIMITLESS!!!! The skills & tools you will learn with me has the potential to build, grow & scale your business to any level you want, as long as you are prepared to commit!

This course is PERFECT for you if you are:

♥ Ambitious

♥ wants to manifest effortless ease when they work

♥ Wants to be her own boss.

♥ Has a dream to create BUSINESS FREEDOM for herself (& her family).

♥ Enjoys learning, growing & expanding her skills & knowledge.

♥ Wants to become the best she can, NO REGRETS!

♥ Quality over quantity EVERY TIME!!!!

♥ Prepared to side hustle until her business can be taken full time.

This course is NOT for you if you are: 

× Still looking for quick fixes, & manipulation tactics.

× Expecting instant results. 

× Prepared to sacrifice quality for quantity.

× NOT prepared to put in the time, work or effort.

× NOT prepared to prioritize building your business.

× Sees learning, growing & expanding as too much effort.

× Can’t see value in the work & dedication given to this course.

× Does NOT have an income currently that can support her while she grows her own BUSINESS

On average, women spend anything from $50 to $1000 a month on clothes, shoes & accessories!

that’s $600 – $12000 PER YEAR!!!!!!!


Basically, you need to be clear on where your priorities lie and what you are willing to “sacrifice” short term to achieve BIG rewards long term.

For South African residence…here is the ZAR comparison (*dependent on exchange rate fluctuation).




It’s just like wanting to get healthy & transform your body…. in the end, what effort you put in & the choices they make will determine YOUR RESULTS.

What you put in is what you get out, every time!

Put in the work, you will 100% succeed and MORE! I am proof!

However, if you dabble & play the game half-heartedly, it’s not going to work for you.

I DON’T want to work with people who are NOT WILLING TO WIN in their life when it comes to achieving THEIR DREAM LIFE & BUSINESS!!!

I have an actual physical product or service (e.g. clothing or photography studio), will this course help me?

YES!!!!!! EVERY BUSINESS must have an online space where potential clients & customers can get to know you, interact & grow a relationship with you. SO whether you are someone who wants to go FULL TIME online OR you are someone who wants to grow their “in-person” services, it will help you grow, expand & get to the next level!

I want to pay in RANDS or that possible?

Yes. As you saw above there are options to pay with PAYPAL, or PAYFAST 

  • PAYPAL is for US Dollar transactions 
  • PAYFAST is for South African Rand options
  • Both payment options accept debit & credit card payments.
  • I will list all the options below these questions again

NOT AT ALL! You have access to the work material for life!


All you need to commit to is 2 hours per day, & you can easily “catch up” on any modules that you might have to place on hold while you are busy.


There is no “falling behind” with this program!

Will there be training on paid Facebook & Instagram advertising?
  • No, I want to help you get started WITHOUT having to spend on additional (& very costly) paid services like social media advertising (it’s advanced training you can study deeper after the course).
  • HOWEVER, should you wish to do this during the course, you are more than welcome, but ALL and ANY costs are directly your responsibility.
Do I need to know how to do coding or other advanced things?
  • NOT AT ALL! I can’t even do coding. You don’t need it to know coding to build your website & grow your online business!
  • I keep it simple YET VERY EFFECTIVE!
  • It can become too overwhelming when you have all that jargon coming at you all at once…..I KNOW because I have panicked many times when there was just too much STUFF.
  • I am going to teach you the essentials to set up and get it working, functioning and moving. All the “advanced” stuff like analytics, paid advertising, coding etc you can learn on your own time.
  • My aim is to get the essential and fundamental basics right, working and functioning and then, you can slowly teach yourself afterwards the other advanced elements (or get to the point where you pay someone to do it for you) 
What will I have achieved when I am done?
  • When you follow & complete this course you will have set up your very own online business!!!
  • you will know how to write effective & attention-grabbing content that will speak to your ideal client
  • You will know exactly who your ideal client is and waste your time speaking to the wrong people
  • Know how to market your business effectively using “free” marketing methods” (they cost you time, not money)
  • Know how to create SEO boosting & attention-grabbing blogs/vlogs/videos/podcast 
  • Know how to create the king of all landing pages or Single page websites
  • Learn how to use your social media effectively & make it stand out to your clients.
Are there any additional costs over & above the course fee?

Depending on which hosting & website building platform you choose to use, will depend on how much you will pay.

This is a fee ALL online businesses pay when setting up and running their business (can range from $24 – $360 per month)

The plugins I recommend are either free or minimal cost but my aim is to keep your setup costs as low as possible.

PS…..there will be an opportunity to host with me at a very low cost in the 2nd week of the course, but in the end, this is your decision and you must choose the platform that best suits you (under $15 per month)

I will give you a simple chart of the options out there and then you decide what best suits you.

What happens after the 10 weeks?
  • You will use & apply everything I have taught you to grow & expand your brand & online business (remember you have lifetime access to the training material).
  • Like with maintaining a healthy body, you don’t just do it for 2 months and stop… have to keep doing it to grow and progress!
What if I get stuck? DO I have access to you after the 10 weeks?
  • You will have access to me directly via email for the FULL 10 weeks, BUT, after that, the online assistance will end. I will have a new group of students who I will be needing to give my attention to …HOWEVER, you can book a 1-on-1 face-time private coaching session where we can chat directly to answer questions, give advice etc etc. It is $55 per hour.
  • That is why I encourage those who do the course to really get stuck in during those 10 weeks and take full advantage of being able to correspond with me directly via e-mail.
  • REMEMBER even though online support ends after 10 weeks, you will always have access to the training material & FB group.
Are there annual costs involved?
  • There is no recurring fee for the course, once you have joined, you have access for life.

  • HOWEVER, website hosting fees, domain renewal or any other software you have chosen to purchase, do have fees that reoccur every year (as mentioned above in question 7)

  • Like with actual real estate, i.e. a house, one has to pay rates and taxes on it every year. See having your own website in the same context.

    To have access & use your domain, host your website and use software, there are annual fees. BUT please note those yearly fees, are nothing CLOSE to what you will pay if you had to hire a company or pay to use those “all-inclusive” options. 



This program is for women who are:

♥ Ambitious

♥ Wants to manifest effortless ease when they work

♥ Wants to be her own boss.

♥ Has a dream to create BUSINESS FREEDOM for herself (& her family).

♥ Enjoys learning, growing & expanding her skills & knowledge.

♥ Wants to become the best she can, NO REGRETS!

♥ Quality over quantity EVERY TIME!!!!

♥ Prepared to side hustle until her business can be taken full time.

Who is it NOT suited for?

This program is NOT suited for women who are:

  • Looking for easy quick money
  • Think there is a magic formula that “prints money”… me Dean, Tony, Marie, Ed, Sabri, Brendan & Jenna ALL say there isn’t & I trust their word over any fake “influencer”
  • Not prepared to invest time or money
  • Want something for nothing
  • Not prepared to over-deliver to their future clients
  • Doesn’t understand that input = output (just like health & fitness)
  • Can’t see a brilliant future for themselves
  • Isn’t adaptive & doesn’t want to change with the times
  • Doesn’t believe they can create the life and future of their dreams
Business course

WANT A LOOK inside the course?

Here are the details so that you know exactly what you get!


⇒ Finding your niche market & understanding your ideal CA (Client Avatar)

⇒ Establishing your Brand Essence

⇒ Create Premier brand positioning

⇒ Leveraging your uniqueness

⇒ Creating a feel for your design that won’t make you look like a copy-paste.

This is essential for those starting a business AND for those wanting to boost their current brand & business!


⇒ Creating your website Part 1

⇒ Setting up of the website

⇒ Creating relevant accounts

⇒ Plug-ins

⇒ Planning

⇒ Getting images right for the website


⇒ Creating your website Part 2

⇒ The anatomy of your website

⇒ Setting up the foundation pages


⇒ Blogging 101 (Why, What, When & How)…BLOGGING IS NOT DEAD.

⇒ Foundation skills that can be applied to content created for video (vlogging & youtube), audio (podcasts & audio recordings) & written.

⇒ The Powerful headline formula to create blog titles & content for a year!


⇒ Social media – getting the basics right.

⇒ Choosing the platforms for your brand & business that will benefit you.

⇒ Bringing your brand essence across onto your Social Media.

⇒ Creating content that speaks your brand & business messaging with a touch of your uniqueness.

⇒ Linking your social media to your website.

⇒ Planning for your launch.


⇒ Products & Services

⇒ Know what your client’s needs/problems are & how to solve them.

⇒ Quality over quantity rule

⇒ Understanding Landing pages


⇒ List building, WHY it’s important, HOW to do it, WHEN to send it & WHAT to send.

⇒ Understanding Opt-ins

⇒ Understanding Automated emails


⇒ Marketing Basics 101 (excludes marketing training for PAID social media ads)

⇒ Using what you have learned up until now, to show you how it forms part of effective & powerful marketing.

⇒ Integrate it with your Launch Plan (module 5)


⇒ Checklists & follow-through

⇒ 1 on 1 coaching set with each participant in this program


⇒ BONUS….No One Starts Out As “THE BEST”

♥ Helping you to break your fear, put yourself out there, OWN YOUR TALENTS & GIFTS, dealing with negativity people & haters and so much more…..We end this program on a massive HIGH to ensure you continue with some BADASS BOSS LADY CONFIDENCE & ATTITUDE!!!!!

female entrepreneur

The total value of the course is LIMITLESS!!!! The skills & tools you will learn with me has the potential to build, grow & scale your business to any level you want, as long as you are prepared to commit!

The 6 MUST-HAVE skills to succeed in business